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Where will I be based?
Greenshoots participants will be based in a shared office environment at Macroom E Enterprise Centre or another of Cork County Council’s E Centres. All training workshops and group sessions will take place in the centre. The Macroom E Enterprise Centre is located on Bowl Road, Macroom, Co.Cork – see www.macroom-e.com

What does the programme comprise?
The programme is built around business training workshops such as business planning, financial skills, project management, PR and marketing etc, personal development workshops, group coaching sessions, individual mentoring meetings, team building activities, guest speakers (successful established businesses and support agencies) and lots of peer learning & support.

Is Greenshoots a full-time programme?
It is expected that all participants are ready to work on their business full or almost full time. Successful applicants are expected to commit fully to the programme, which means attending all training workshops and other organised events, as well as submitting a business plan as stipulated by the programme manager. The workshops, training, mentoring and coaching provided aim to facilitate the participant to work specifically on developing their business.

Can my business partner(s) participate in the programme?
Only one person per business can be accepted onto the programme and a maximum of one space per company can be allocated. However, we encourage business partners to participate in events that are organised throughout the year, such as networking meetings and some group sessions. They may also attend relevant workshops by prior arrangement.

How much does the programme cost?
There is NO CHARGE to the participants. The programme is funded by The Cork Local Enterprise Offices, Cork County Council and Macroom E.

Confidentiality and Ownership?
Each participant commits not to disclose details of other participants’ business projects. This agreement also specifies that any discovery or intention remains the property of the participant.

What happens at the end of the programme?
The programme lasts 6 months. Upon completion of the programme, participants will have the opportunity to continue working at the centre for a reduced rental fee.

We love to keep in touch with all the business owners we work with too so will often invite you back for coffee and catching up!

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